I am Rafael, a full-stack developer from Brazil.

About Me

I am a senior full-stack TypeScript developer with a primary focus on creating front-end interfaces. I hold a bachelor's degree in Computer Science (2023) and another in Science and Technology (2019), both from the Federal University of ABC (UFABC). My previous experience also includes working on typical DevOps tasks, such as setting up monorepos and configuring CI/CD pipelines. In my spare time, I enjoy open-sourcing my side projects.

Notable Achievements

I primarily worked remotely as a Software Developer for Axle Informatics, located in Maryland, United States. The company has provided essential services to the National Institute of Health (NIH).

I am the founder of Stackomate, an early-stage, Brazilian startup focused on automating and organizing people's lives.

I graduated with two degrees, a Bachelor's in Computer Science and another in Science and Technology, both from UFABC (Federal University of ABC).

The Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program, also known as "Ciência sem Fronteiras", was a Brazilian government scholarship initiative aimed at fostering international education and research opportunities for students.

I studied abroad in California and completed an internship in the DMV area, totaling one year of a unique international experience.

I love to create open source software, and I have contributed a few Pull Requests for popular libraries and frameworks like Jest. Additionally, I submitted a PR that addressed an important security issue in code-server.

CoronavirusBrBot was a Telegram bot designed to inform the Brazilian population about COVID-19 statistics. I also wrote an article about the experiences I gained while coding it.

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